The i.dime iPhone Case Boasts a Magnetic Storage Device

We have seen many practical flash drives that work with iOS devices, but if you want a more portable solution, the i.dime iPhone case and a detachable external storage device should be more suitable for you.

The i.dime iPhone Case Shows off a Detachable Magnetic Storage Device

The i.dime is an innovative, flexible and versatile iOS external storage solution that consists of a dedicatedly designed iPhone case, a detachable external storage device and adapters for Lightning and microUSB ports. As we can see from the images, unlike all Lightning flash drives in the market, the i.dime has no integrated Lightning or USB port, and it measures only 14mm in diameter and 4.3mm in thinness, so the external storage device delivers an ultra compact and minimalistic appearance. Meanwhile, the custom iPhone case features a rounded attachment that allows to firmly keep the i.dime connected with your iPhone in order to add up to 256GB of extra storage capacity to your handset for storing more photos, videos and songs.

Furthermore, the case comes in multiple models for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus and iPhone 5/5s/SE, and it’s made of polycarbonate urethane, which protects your phone from bumps and scratches. The i.dime has also three optional compact dongles, each one features an integrated USB, microUSB or Lightning connector, so you can easily plug it in your computer for backup or connect it with your friend’s smartphone or tablet for sharing photos and videos, and its companion app lets you conveniently manage your files.

The i.dime iPhone Case Shows off a Detachable Magnetic Storage Device

The crowdfunding campaign for i.dime is on going on Kickstarter. You can pledge $58 or more to preorder i.dime iPhone case with 32GB storage device or more storage capacity, dongles and custom 4,500mAh power bank. All its bundles will be shipped in November this year.

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