The Hand Crocheted Star Wars Death Star Pillow

You will never worry about the Death Star destroying your house, and its soft body lets you comfortably hug it for a rest. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going for the Star Wars Death Star pillow.

The Hand Crocheted Star Wars Death Star Pillow

This is pretty cool Star Wars themed pillow hand crocheted by Shariromes from New York. The pillow measures between 8 and 9 inches diameter, over 25 inches circumference, and as we can see from the images, it’s shaped as Death Star, the most terrible imperial weapon in Star Wars, and the Death Star pillow features subtle detailing and the iconic colors from its original design, but the tiny Death Star is hand crocheted with acrylic yarn and comes with polyester fiberfill in order that you can comfortably hold it in your hands.

The Hand Crocheted Star Wars Death Star Pillow

The Death Star pillow is priced at $35 USD. If you like it, head to Etsy for more details. Additionally, if you want other options, you may like to check Olde Book pillows and more by following tags.

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