The Colander Doubles as a Bowler Hat

Using the bowler hat, you can disguise yourself as a Kingsman or clean up vegetable or fruit with its little holes on the top. Cool!? Let’s go on for the bowler hat colander.

Bowler Hat Colander

This is an interesting and versatile colander that measures approx 27.5 x 25.5 x 11cm. As we can see from the images, the colander looks like a black bowler hat. In fact, you can indeed put it on your head, which makes you look like a gentleman, but the special bowler hat is made from food grade plastic that may not bring you great wearing experience, moreover, the densely distributed holes on the top not only fit for draining water, but also allows it breathable when you wear the plastic hat. Anyway, the fun colander is hilarious enough to please your dinner guests.

Bowler Hat Colander

The bowler hat colander is priced at $19.39 USD. If you want it, jump to Firebox online store for more details. BTW, if you need more interesting kitchen accessories, you may like to check the Nessie ladle and more via following tags.

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