The cheapest iPad stand

I have to admit this U-shaped plastic sheet isn’t named as iPad stand. It’s a business card holder. However, New York Times’ Multimedia Editor Andrew Devigal has found another use for the simple card holder, it doubles as a functional iPad stand. Don’t believe it? Check out the images.

The cheapest iPad stand

It’s very clear that the iPad has been hold on the iPad stand. It’s surprising that the business card holder can support both of portrait and landscape mode. Although the simple stand has no any connector for charging iPad or connecting else devices, yet the price tag of $0.69 USD should measure up to us. It’s absolutely the cheapest iPad stand at present.

Well, I don’t encourage you to purchase a Office Depot business card holder as your iPad stand. Perhaps you have had much better alternative as iPad stand. The life lies in discover

The cheapest iPad stand

The cheapest iPad stand Source

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