The Cat Scratch Laptop is Designed for Your Kitten

Don’t be surprised when your kitten operates your computer. It just proves that the cat may also be a tech geek. It’s time to prepare a Cat Scratch Laptop for him/her.

The Cat Scratch Laptop is a High Tech Cat Toy

As its name implies, the cat scratch laptop is a creative and pretty fun cat toy, aka cattop dedicatedly designed for those cats who want to surf on the Internet with their paws. The cat friendly laptop measures 330 x 270 x 225mm and weights 357g. Apparently it’s very lightweight and portable, but I believe your kitten wouldn’t like to run with it everywhere.

The cattop is very different from a regular laptop. It’s made from fully recycled paper instead of hard plastic. And the cat scratch laptop features an irresistibly scratchy cardboard keyboard designed for your cat’s claws in order to keep her from tearing up your furniture.

The Cat Scratch Laptop is a High Tech Cat Toy

Furthermore, the cardboard laptop has a fluffy toy mouse. There is no button on the mouse, but its look will undoubtedly draw your kitty’s attention. Need to change OS? No problem! Simply print a new screen on paper and slide it inside. BTW, It’s said that some cats prefer Apple’s MacBook. It’s not difficult for us to stick an Apple logo on the cover.

The Cat Scratch Laptop is a High Tech Cat Toy

The Cat Scratch cardboard laptop is priced at $45 USD. If your cat like it, you may like to learn more details on Fancy or SUCK UK. Additionally, also don’t miss the TARDIS cardboard cat house.


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