The Bladeless Drone Boasts a Futuristic Design

Using four uniquely designed propellers the bladeless drone shows off an eye-catching futuristic design. Like the concept? Let’s keep checking.

The Bladeless Drone Features Futuristic Design

Edgar Herrera, a Mexican designer came up with the pretty cool flying drone. Unlike all current drones on the market, the concept drone features an innovative bladeless design that looks like being inspired by Dyson bladeless fan. The concept drone comes equipped with four bladeless propellers that not only deliver a minimal, futuristic appearance design, but also takes maximum advantages of aerodynamics for a high-performance flight experience.

The Bladeless Drone Features Futuristic Design

The main propeller is placed in the center of the drone to support take-off and landing. The two front propellers can rotate 20 degrees forward and backward, and the back propeller can rotate 20 degrees clockwise and counter clockwise. Using the movement of the three propellers you can easily control the bladeless drone. More importantly, each propeller works based on the amount of headwind received by the drone. Using four main air intake valves the bladeless drone can take full advantage of the headwind in order to convert wind into a downward flow for secure take-off, flying higher and saving energy. After the break, check out the images and video about the concept.

The Bladeless Drone Features Futuristic Design


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