The Awesome Life-Size Teardrop Camping Trailer Built with LEGO Bricks

You can build your own teardrop camping trailer with wood, aluminum sheet and various tools, but if you’re a faithful fan of LEGO, you may more like to check the awesome LEGO teardrop camping trailer and build one with your own LEGO bricks.

Life-Size LEGO Teardrop Camping Trailer

The life-size teardrop camping trailer was built by a team of 12 professional LEGO builders for this week’s Motorhome & Caravan Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. These LEGO artists spent 12 weeks and more than 1,000 man hours on finishing the unbelievable life-size LEGO creation.

Life-Size LEGO Teardrop Camping Trailer Life-Size LEGO Teardrop Camping Trailer

The whole camper is built using 215,158 individual LEGO pieces. As shown in the images, the LEGO model almost replicates all details of a regular camping trailer. In addition its classic teardrop-styled body, the caravan shows off a fully detailed interior including many fully-functioning items like a sink, electric lights, a bed, seating, chess set, cups, toothbrushes and more. With all these amenities, the LEGO caravan should be able to bring you a nice living space during your camping trips, and all you need to do is just replace those simulated cooking facilities and fridge with workable oven and fridge. In addition, the LEGO camping trailer has earned the Guinness world record of the largest caravan built with interlocking plastic bricks. After the break, check out these photos about the LEGO teardrop camping trailer. It should bring you much inspiration for your next LEGO project.

via Guinness World Records and Gizmag

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