The App-Controlled Aliens M577 APC Built with LEGO Bricks

M577 APC, the classic armored personal carrier from 1986 Aliens movie has been recreated, and it’s built with our favorite LEGO bricks. Cool? Let’s continue checking.

The App-Controlled Aliens LEGO M577 APC

Paul, a passionate Polish LEGO artist created the awesome M577 APC from the classic sci-fi horror film. The LEGO model measures 64 studs long by 26 studs wide by 21 studs high and weighs 2.76 kg. The artist built the model using highly detailed blueprints, so the LEGO M577 APC features unparalleled detailing. In addition to accurate contours and details, the vehicle replica boasts many movable parts including a sliding door, rotatable front turret, two openable missile pods, and a slidable and rotatable rear turret.

The App-Controlled Aliens LEGO M577 APC

The only difference is the cockpit has been moved from the interior of the vehicle to the pilot’s hands. As an app-enabled LEGO model, Paul can remotely control the model using his smartphone. Furthermore, built-in suspension system ensures it has the ability to deal with different terrains. After the break, check out the following video and images about the LEGO M775 APC, or head to Paul’s blog for more building details.

The App-Controlled Aliens LEGO M577 APC The App-Controlled Aliens LEGO M577 APC The App-Controlled Aliens LEGO M577 APC


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