TESSAN USB Surge Protector with 3-Sided Design

With a 3-sided design, the TESSAN USB surge protector ensures all of its AC outlets can be used without any problem, and 3 USB ports allow it to charge your mobile devices with ease.TESSAN USB Surge Protector with 3-Sided Design

The USB surge protector delivers a cubic form factor with rounded corners and edges plus the white-and-gray finish to fit in any interior style, and the compact design allows you to use it as a desktop power strip. Meanwhile, using two mounting holes on the back, you can also mount it on a workbench, wall or garage.

The USB surge protector comes equipped with 8 AC outlets arranged on 3 sides, and the space between each outlet is 1.56 inches wide, so you will never worry about large plugs blocking adjacent outlets.TESSAN USB Surge Protector with 3-Sided Design

Furthermore, built-in 1050J surge protection guards your devices from sudden power surges and spikes. And an integrated circuit breaker protects the power strip and connected devices from any damage caused by overload.

Moreover, 3 USB ports with 2.4A total current output allow it to work as a USB charging dock. A 6.5ft heavy-duty extension cord easily reaches to any wall outlet in your rom, and its flat plug features a 45-degree design to avoid covering adjacent outlet.

The USB surge protector is priced at $22.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to the product page for its more details.

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