Tempo Concept Wireless Earbuds Ensure the Music to Match Your Pace During Your Workout

Positive and motivational music can improve our exercises. The Tempo wireless earbuds are able to track our BPM (beats per minute) and adjust the beat to match your pace for optimal motivation. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

Tempo Concept Wireless Earbuds

Gianni Teruzzi, an industrial designer who lives in the United Kingdom came up with the sport friendly wireless earbuds names Tempo. As we can see from the images, the in-ear headphones show off an ultra compact, lightweight, cord-free design, and multiple bright color options make them match well with your passion for sports while ergonomic design allows the earbuds to comfortably and firmly stays in your ears through a full exercise session.

Tempo Concept Wireless Earbuds

The right earphone tracks your heart rate in order to automatically control the rhythm of the music to perfectly match the pace during your workout. In addition to automatic control, you can also adjust the rhythm by tapping the earbud. Moreover, the left earphone lets you control your music playback including play, pause, repeat, skip, and volume control.

Tempo Concept Wireless Earbuds

Furthermore, the wireless earbuds can directly tap directly into musical platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and stream music directly via radio frequency to your ears. The Tempo also features a custom remote control for team leaders and coaches, which can be used to sync up with Tempo earbuds and drive your team using correct rhythm. In addition, the remote control also comes with 16GB internal storage, and it’s water resistant and shockproof.

Tempo Concept Wireless Earbuds

Apart from these, a portable charging case holds the wireless earbuds and remote control for easy carrying and charging. It’s a little pity that the earbuds are still a design concept. If you need some available options, you may like to check the Bluetooth sport earbuds and more by following tags.

Tempo Concept Wireless Earbuds Tempo Concept Wireless Earbuds

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