TeaMug MINI Milk Tea Maker and Tea Mug

The TeaMug MINI milk tea maker helps you make smooth, silky and delicious milk tea, and it also serves as a tea mug or milk foam maker. Let‘s keep checking if you want to know more about it.TeaMug MINI Milk Tea Maker and Tea Mug

The TeaMug MINI is a multi-functional and easy-to-use milk tea maker that measures 32.3-36.6 inches diameter by 74 inches tall and weighs 475g. As shown in the images, the TeaMug MINI delivers a sleek cylindrical form factor, and with the compact design, it allows for easy carrying around.

With 350ml capacity in volume, the milk tea maker is good for one-person consumption. Simply pour the milk and loose tea leaves or tea bag into infuser. Close the lid, choose mode and press start. By imitating the pour-over tea brewing method, it makes the milk tea taste more silky, delicate and smoother. After heating the milk to 85 degrees Centigrade, it automatically stops to lock in milk nutrition.TeaMug MINI Milk Tea Maker and Tea Mug

With a straw hole and included stainless steel straw, you can use it as a tea mug to enjoy your favorite milk tea. Moreover, it acts as a milk foam maker to create super-rich, velvety and creamy milk foam for your tea or coffee within 150 seconds.

Thanks to electromagnetic rotation, the milk tea maker works silently without disturbing others in the room. In addition, detachable design allows you to easily clean it up.

The crowdfunding campaign for TeaMug MINI is ongoing on Kickstarter. We can pledge $64 to preorder the versatile milk tea maker. It will be shipped in April 2021.

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