TaxaOutdoors Cricket Camping Trailer

Using a unique liftable roof, TaxaOutdoors’ Cricket camping trailer delivers a more ample living space, and internal configuration lets you live comfortable off the grid.

Cricket Camping Trailer

The Cricket is a premium, fully featured camping trailer measuring 15′ length x 6’7″ (max width) x 6’9″ (max height) and weighs 1,460 lbs (unloaded). As shown in the images, the trailer has a modern and compact design which allows it to fit in your garage and towable by 4-cylinder engines, and its aerodynamic appearance reduces drag and improves tow vehicle efficiency.

Cricket Camping Trailer

The camping trailer has two 15″ wheels, Torsion axis with brakes and powder-coated steel chassis frame, so it’s able to smoothly run on various rough terrains, and its sides, doors and roof are built with aluminum composite panels for a durable and lightweight construction.

Cricket Camping Trailer

The Cricket’s interior measures 11’6″ length by 6’3″ (max width) by 6’4″ (max height), and its sleeping room is designed for two adults and up to two children. Meanwhile, its NASA inspired storage system provides abundant space to accommodate your living goods, and it allows you to attach points, hooks, and bungees to create more storage space.


The optional plumbing system is arranged in the rear area of the camping trailer, and its roof is liftable, so you can comfortably stand in the area for cooking and washing, and 5 swing windows with shades, fully removable tent sides with zip-mesh windows and rear door hatch provide excellent ventilation. In addition, the camper also features optional solar panels, LED lighting, 12V outlets, mini fridge, water tank and more, so you can configure a personalized Cricket camping trailer based on your demands.

The Cricket camping trailer is available on TaxaOutdoors. You need to submit your request for specific price. BTW, also don’t miss Tinycamper teardrop camping trailers and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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