Tag: pixel art

The 8-Bit Rose for Your Lover

You must have many nice ideas for upcoming Valentine’s Day, but if your girlfriend like those retro video games such as Super Mario Bros, maybe the 8-bit rose will …

Minecraft Inspired Mask

Halloween party had finished, but if you’re fan of Minecraft, it won’t stop you disguising yourself as a character from the 8-bit world using the following Minecraft inspired mask.

The Minecraft Pickaxe Keychain

Apparently you can’t use the mini pickaxe to build your own awesome virtual world in the universe of Minecraft. But if you’re a big fan of Minecraft, the pickaxe …

8-Bit Protective Sleeve

We have featured many elegant and practical protective sleeves. But if you prefer those retro pixelated gadgets, Big Big Pixel’s 8-bit protective sleeve should be able to draw your …