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8-in-1 Multi-Tool

We have featured several nice multi-tools, but if you need a pair of pliers, the 8-in-1 multi-tool may be more suitable for you.

Kelvin.23 Multi-Tool

Apparently the super tool doesn’t have a cooler look than the Space Invader multi-tool, but if you need more functions, the Kelvin.23 multi-tool should be more suitable for you.

Space Intruder Multi-Tool Keychain

We’re not sure whether the Space Intruder multi-tool keychain is the same gadget with the former Space Invaders styled keychain, but apparently the images of Space Intruder can attract …

Credit Card Styled Multi Tool

Apparently the multi-tool isn’t more powerful than Quirky’s modular pocket knife, but if you just want a multi tool in your wallet, the credit card styled multi tool may …