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V-MODA Metallo iPhone 5 Case

Like metal protective case or want to easily mount your iPhone onto your VAMP VERZA headphone amplifier? Apparently V-MODA’s Metallo iPhone 5 case is a perfect solution.


i+Case Aluminum iPhone 4 Case

Want to apply a new look to your precious iPhone 4? If you prefer metal protective case instead of plastic cases, let’s go on checking i+Case aluminum iPhone 4 …

GP Race iPhone 4 Case

We have featured various aluminum, silicone and leather iPhone 4 cases, but GP Race is the first iPhone 4 case combined aluminum and composite materials that we have ever …

fireTi4 Titanium iPhone 4 Case

It’s the second titanium iPhone 4 case that we have seen. Apparently this is a good news for consumers. If you’re looking for a metal protective case, let’s go …