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Geek Metal Clock

The unique geek metal clock is ready for all kinds of geeks, but we guess just mathematics and physics geeks can recognize all symbols on the clock.


Floppy Disk Box Night Light

Don’t be so dismissive of those retired floppy disks. If you wish, they can light your room in geek’s way such as the following floppy disk box night light.

Handmade Floppy Disk Coaster

Need something for showing the vintage floppy disk your respect? In addition to that floppy disk notebook, the floppy disk coaster should be a mighty suitable thing.

Geek Gear Floppy Disk Notebook

Maxell, Sony and Mitsubishi Kagaku Media had withdrawn from floppy disk sales. Undoubtedly It will become more difficult to get a floppy from the market. Perhaps some gadgets made …