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Edible Angry Birds Cake Toppers

How to celebrate an Angry Birds big fan’s birthday? Apparently a geek cake themed by Angry Birds is very necessary. Check out the edible Angry Birds cake toppers, undoubtedly …

Angry Birds Fridge Magnet Set

Angry Birds is becoming more popular. From iOS to Android, Mac to PC, now virtual video game to fridge door. If you’re these cute birds, let’s go on checking …

Angry Birds LEGO Edition

This isn’t the first Angry Bird model made of LEGO bricks, but apparently this is the most complete collection of Angry Birds LEGO models that we’ve ever seen so …

Angry Birds 8-Bit Version

We’ve owned various versions of Angry Birds like original, Halloween, and recent Christmas version. But our favorite is the classical 8-bit Angry Birds.