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8-Bit Cube Fridge Magnet Set

We have introduced many impressive 8-bit gadgets and creations. But if you want to create your own 8-bit works, the 8-bit cubes fridge magnet set may be able to …

8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath

We have various ways to show our love to amazing pixel art. But for the upcoming Christmas, no doubt the 8-bit LED holiday wreath will be more suitable.

8-Bit Superheroes

Apparently these pixelated characters don’t come from those old-school video games. The iconic details tell us they are powerful 8-bit Superheroes. If you like the cute Iron Man, Superman …

Space Invaders Carabiner

No doubt, carabiner is a kind of multi functional gadget. But if you want to use it to enjoy your favorite retro video games, the Space Invaders carabiner should …