Switchflip Lets You Control Power Outlet Using Wall Switch

Switchflip is designed to let you control any power outlet via a wall switch in a range of 100 ft. Want to add the feature to your room? Let’s keep checking.

Switchflip Allows You to Control Power Outlet Using Wall Switch

Appearance design

The switchflip is an easy-to-use and practical wall outlet kit that can turn a wall outlet into a switch-controlled outlet. The kit consists of two units including a custom switchflip transmitter and receiver. As we can see from the images, the two units have a same compact and minimal design, and simple color scheme allows it to fit for various interior decoration styles.

Switchflip Allows You to Control Power Outlet Using Wall Switch

Function features

The transmitter and receiver also features an integrated two-prong plug. All you need to do is just plug the transmitter in the wall outlet that can be controlled by a wall switch, and plug the receiver in any other wall out which you want to control. Meanwhile, built-in outlet is designed to connect a 2-prong appliance, so you can conveniently control your lights, fans, or other devices using the wall switch.

The switchflip supports a control range of up to 100ft, so you can even control lights in other rooms, and the two units wirelessly communicate without needing WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you also don’t need to set it using your smartphone for an ultra simple or download any app. In addition, the switchflip supports controlling multiple outlets by adding extra receivers.

Price and shipment date

The switchflip has been available for preorder via Indiegogo. Pledging $35 will let you own one switchflip transmitter and one receiver. The kit will be shipped in October 2017.

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