Swanky Swan Inspired Floating Ladle Dances on Your Soup

The Swanky floating ladle is designed to float on your soup just like a graceful swan that dances on the lake, fancying up your every dinner. Like the idea? Let’s continue checking.

Swanky Swan Inspired Floating Ladle

Appearance design

The Swanky is a creatively designed and practical ladle designed by OTOTO design studio. The ladle measures 9.5 x 27.5cm, and as we can see from the images, it looks a bit like OTOTO’s nessie colander spoon and nessie ladle, but the floating ladle is inspired by swan, a more elegant creature on the planet, so Swanky always shows off her graceful curves and charming color whether she swims on your soup or stays on the table.

Swanky Swan Inspired Floating Ladle

Function features

The Swanky ladle is able to float on your soup, so in addition to serve you favorite soup, the swan-like ladle also adds much fun and creativity to your dinner. Unlike Nessie ladle that can stands on the table with four feet, the floating ladle can balance itself on your table just like a tumbler. Of course, using the long neck, you can easily hand your Swanky on the wall.

Swanky Swan Inspired Floating Ladle

Furthermore, the floating ladle is made of food-safe, non toxic plastic, and it’s heat resistant to over 120 degree Celsius. In addition, the ladle is dishwasher safe.

Price and shipment date

The crowdfunding campaign for Swanky is in progress on Kickstarter. You can pledge $15 to own the swan floating ladle. It will be shipped in January 2017. Update: the ladle has been available on Amazon for $14.99 USD.

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