StarCraft 2 Immortal Paper Craft

Have you completed the former two StarCraft 2 paper crafts from Terran race? Now it’s Protoss’ turn.

StarCraft 2 Immortal Paper Craft

As we can see from the images, the StarCraft 2 themed paper craft is a common-used Protoss unit called Immortal, which features twin phase disruptors and hardened shield. From the quadrupedal exoskeleton, we can clearly know Dragoon is the grandfather of Immortal.

StarCraft 2 Immortal Paper Craft

If you want to move the battle of StarCraft 2 to your desk, the Immortal is very necessary. Click here to get back the papercraft template of Immortal. Additionally, don’t forget to check the two units of Terran race.

StarCraft 2 Immortal Paper Craft Source

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