Star Wars Starfighter Paper Craft Kit

Apparently not every Star Wars fan knows how to make a starfighter paper model using a note. But if you want to form a fleet of paper starfighters, the Star Wars Starfighter paper craft kit may be able to catch your eyes.

Star Wars Starfighter Paper Craft Kit

Star Wars Folded Flyers is a paper craft kit themed by the iconic starfighters from the universe of Star Wars. The kit of papercraft contains six starfighter designs originated from Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire such as X-wing fighter, Y-wing fighter, TIE fighter and more. As we can see from the image, all the models are made from full-color, custom-designed papers in order to show you perfect galactic vehicle exteriors. Apart from that, the papercraft kit has 30 paper Starfighters, each design holds five copies. No doubt, you can easily create your own fleet of Star Wars Starfighters at home.

The Star Wars Starfighter paper craft kit is priced at $19.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Perpetual Kid online store for more details.

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