Star Wars R2-D2 Desk Vacuum

We featured a concept R2-D2 robot vacuum cleaner several years ago. Now the concept has become reality, but the tiny R2-D2 desk vacuum just helps you keep your desk neat and clean.

Star Wars R2-D2 Desk Vacuum

This is a pretty cool Star Wars inspired desktop vacuum that measures 13.5mm tall. As shown in the images, the desk vacuum is shaped as R2-D2, one of the most classic droids in the universe of Star Wars, and the mini droid features meticulous detailing and gorgeous coating from its original body. The R2-D2 desktop vacuum is powered by an include micro USB cable. Just plugging it into any USB port or adapter and pushing the button situated on its head, you can activate the droid in order to help you clean your desktop.

The R2-D2 desk vacuum has been be available onĀ Amazon. Additionally, if you want other options, you may like to check tabletop handheld vacuum cleaner and more interesting stuff by following tags.

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