Star Wars AT-AT Multi Stand Desk Organizer

The iconic vehicle from Galactic Empire has been shrunken to fit on your desk, and the AT-AT Multi Stand desk organizer helps you manage your scattered accessories on the desk. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Multi Stand Desk Organizer

The AT-AT Multi Stand is an officially licensed and pretty cool multi-functional desk organizer themed by Star Wars. As we can see from the images, the desk organizer is shaped as AT-AT Walker, one of the most classic vehicles in the universe of Star Wars, and same as many AT-AT replicas, the organizer fully recreates the contours and details from its original appearance. Meanwhile, movable and articulated parts allow it to bring more fun on your desk, but more importantly, the AT-AT replica is functional.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Multi Stand Desk Organizer

The center part of the AT-AT’s troop section is an integrated coin bank, and removable hatch allows you to freely take out your change. When you remove the top cover with a coin slot, it also works as a pen holder, and the rear part of the troop section features a small drawer to keep several small items in place, while the cockpit is another small storage box measuring 27mm long, and hinged cover lets you access to your items with ease.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Multi Stand Desk Organizer

There’s a dedicatedly designed stamper under the troop section. When not in use, it perfectly blends in the AT-AT Walker. Moreover, its four articulated legs work as a cable organizer to hold your charging cable, and using an included Snowspeeder replica measuring 73 x 24 x 65mm, you can recreate that classic heart-stirring scene that Luke Skywalker pilots his Snowspeeder against AT-AT walkers during the Battle of Hoth. In addition, the AT-AT measures 312 x 268 x 130mm.

The Star Wars AT-AT Multi Stand desk organizer will be available for approx US$94 in December this year. If you’re interested, jump to Bandai¬†or Amazon for its more details.

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