Spectra Pro App-Enabled Electric Skateboard

Using a unique 3D posture control system the Spectra Pro electric skateboard lets you intuitively control your riding by the movement of your feet. Sounds cool? Let’s continue checking.

Spectra Pro App-Enabled Electric Skateboard

The Spectra Pro is an advanced, high-performance electric skateboard that measures 19.4 inches long and weighs 12 lbs. As we can see from the images, the eSkateboard shows off a sleek, streamlined appearance design, and its integrated LED indicators can not only display the battery status, but also make you visible in the dark for safe riding. Meanwhile, its carbon fiber unibody delivers a lightweight and durable construction.

Spectra Pro App-Enabled Electric Skateboard

The electric skateboard features 3D Step, an intuitive 3D posture control system that allows you to lean forward to accelerate and lean backward to decelerate and brake. When it senses turning motions, it automatically adjusts to allow you to smoothly turn. In addition to the 3D Step, using a custom app, you can also remotely control the board by touchscreen or volume buttons of your smartphone, and the app also allows you to change speed modes, check battery level, update firmware and even share your path with your friends.

The electric skateboard comes equipped with two regenerative hub motors and built-in battery in order to deliver a top speed of 15.5mph and up to 12.4mi riding range, and it’s able to climb up 27% ramp. Moreover, using a smart braking system with the MagBrake, the eSkateboard delivers harness accurate, sensitive and reliable braking force for enhanced riding safety.

Spectra Pro App-Enabled Electric Skateboard

In addition, the Spectra also comes in other three optional models including Mini, Advanced, and Silver. The Spectra Silver features a longer magnesium unibody, and its four hub motors deliver a top speed of 21.7mph and up to 20mi riding distance. The Spectra Advanced features almost same functions as Spectra Pro, but without MagBrake, and the Mini model is made from bamboo and features an ultra portable design.

The crowdfunding campaign for the four Spectra models is ongoing via Indiegogo. You can pledge to $299/$539/$799/$1199 to preorder one of four electric skateboards. All models will be shipped from August to October 2017. BTW, don’t miss the one-wheel electric skateboard and more cool related gadgets by following tags.

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