Sound Wireless Headphones Inspired by Human Ears

The Sound looks a bit like a pair of wireless headphones without headband, but the two earbuds can be comfortably and securely attach on your ears. Like the design? Let’s keep checking.

Sound Wireless Headphones Inspired by Human Ears

The Sound is a pair of innovative and versatile wireless headphones inspired by human ears. Unlike those bulky headphones and ultra compact Bluetooth earbuds, each earbud of the Sound is designed based on the contours of human ears, and its skin-sensitive materials and sizing spectrum deliver comfortable listening experience. Meanwhile, the total-encapsulating design envelops the back of the ear. You will never worry about the earbuds falling out from your ears, and the unique design allows the earbuds to create an originally fuller audio experience.

Sound Wireless Headphones Inspired by Human Ears

The wireless headphones come equipped with multiple drivers plus its total-encapsulating design and mid-ear system in order to produce high-quality stereo audio, and using an ambient sound capture microphone, the Sound allows you to activate its Fade feature that diminishes external sounds and increases the volume of the listener’s surroundings. Furthermore, another voice microphone lets you answer handsfree calls, and built-in capacitive touch sensor is designed for handy touch control.

Sound Wireless Headphones Inspired by Human Ears

Moreover, when the two earbuds are put together, the Sound will automatically enter low-power mode, and turning off after several minutes. When the earbuds are pulled apart, the wireless headphones will automatically connect with your phone via Bluetooth. Using its Amplify mode, you even can use the Sound as a portable Bluetooth speaker, and it also allows to connect with multiple Sound units for creating room-filling sound. Apart from these, its Social feature allows you to share your favorite music with your friends with a simple touch, and its rechargeable,e battery offers over 12 hours of playback time between charges.

The Sound has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $200 to preorder the Bluetooth headphones. It will be shipped in July 2017.

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