Solpro Tag Portable Solar Power Bank with Bluetooth Tracker

A Bluetooth tracker has been integrated into Solpro Tag portable solar power bank, so it only only charges your phone with solar energy, but also prevents you from leaving your valuables behind you. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

Tag Portable Solar Power Bank with Bluetooth Tracker

The Tag is a versatile and practical portable solar charger that measures 3.3 x 2.1 x 0.3 inches (84.5 x 54.5 x 8mm) and weighs 2 oz (56.7g). As shown in the images, the power bank sports a compact and slim form factor, and using a keyring, you can easily hang the portable charger on the outside of your bag.

Solpro Tag comes equipped with a 1100mAh rechargeable battery. Using two USB-C ports and included adapter and cable, it charges your mobile devices wherever you’re. Its integrated solar panel is able to grab 200mAh per hour from the sun. Of course, you can also connect it with a wall outlet for more quick charging.

Tag Portable Solar Power Bank with Bluetooth Tracker

The solar power bank also features a built-in TrackR Bluetooth tracker that helps you locate your bag or other valuables, and it also prevents you from leaving your phone or item behind you when you’re out. Even if you lost your Solpro Tag, using TrackR’s crowd locate network, you will also receive an anonymous location update when any TrackR user is within the Bluetooth range of your lost Tag.

The team behind Solpro Tag is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. You can pledge $39 to own the solar power bank. It’s expected to be rolled out in November 2017.

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