SOLARADE Half Letter Sized Solar Charger

We can easily put a portable power bank in our pocket, but if you prefer eco-friendly gadgets, SOLARADE, a half letter sized solar charger may draw your more attention.

SOLARADE Half Letter Sized Solar Charger

SOLARADE is a high-efficiency and eco-friendly portable solar charger that only measures 9 x 6.5 x 0.1-0.7 inches and weights 6.5 oz. As shown in the images, the solar charger sports a low-key and portable design for easy to carry, and comes with a decent solar panel measuring 9 x 6.5 inches in order to absorb energy from sunlight, and the portable charger generates true 1000mAh without any support from an external battery. This means that its charging speed equals to a wall charger and it can charge your iPhone 5 battery 100% in 2 hours of sunlight. Moreover, the solar charger also features an innovative angle adjustment system that consists of a removable “smart C bar” and an integrated ring. Just inserting the bar into the ring on the solar panel, you can easily adjust the angle for an optimum solar panel angle.

SOLARADE Half Letter Sized Solar Charger

The team of SOLARADE is raising fund via Kickstarter. Pledging $60 will let you own the half letter sized solar charger. If you need it, jump to Kickstarter for more details or take a look at the following demo videos first. Update: the charger has been available on Amazon.

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