Solar Charger for Rechargeable Battery

As we know, rechargeable battery is an eco-friendly gadget. Now, with the help of the solar battery charger, your rechargeable batteries will be more eco-friendly.

Solar Charger for Rechargeable Battery

This solar battery charger looks like a plastic container with a cover equipped with solar panels. When the charger is placed under sunlight, you can adjust the cover’s angle to receive more sunlight. The solar charger can support AA, AAA, C and D type batteries, and comes with a full set of charging connectors for various mobile phones, portable media players and hand-held game consoles. Under the direct full sunlight condition, the average charge time is about 1-1.5 hours for 4 x 180mA AAA, 3-3.5 hours for 4 x 500mA AA, as well 9-11 hours for 4 x 1500mA D type batteries.

Although the solar battery charger doesn’t have high-speed charge efficiency, yet the quick charger would never be more eco-friendly than it. You also can’t use a quick charger under the condition of on power. Solar Battery Charger costs about $24 USD. You can see it at ecotopia.

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