SMASH Z Handheld Gaming PC Supports Steam Games

Forget your desktop gaming computer, using SMASH Z handheld gaming PC, you can enjoy your favorite games from your Steam Library wherever you’re. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

SMASH Z Handhold Gaming PC Lets You Play Steam Games

Design of SMASH Z

The SMASH Z is an innovative and powerful handheld gaming PC that runs Windows 10 or Linux based SMASH Z OS. The handheld gaming device measures 9.5 x 25.5 x 2cm and weighs approx 400g. As we can see from the images, the SMASH Z sports a low-profile and compact design that allows you to effortlessly put it in your bag, so you can play those intense computer games at any time and anywhere. The ergonomic contours and grips provide a comfortable gaming experience for any gaming session.

SMASH Z Handhold Gaming PC Lets You Play Steam Games


The ultra compact gaming PC is powered by AMD Merlin Falcon RZ-421BD (12-15w) SoC at 2.1GHz (4 core/4 threads) and Radeon R7 Graphics and comes equipped with 4GB/8GB RAM and 64GB/128GB HD, so it has the ability to handle various games like Borderland 2, The Witcher 2, Civilization V, Team Fortress 2, DOTA and more. In addition to a joystick, four firing buttons, four shoulder buttons and two buttons on the grips, SMASH Z also features two haptic touch pads that support dedicatedly designed Z-Pads, so you can turn the touch pad into a D-pad or a button layout based on your preference.

More features of the mini gaming PC

The SMASH Z supports Steam and has integrated WiFi and optional 4G. This means you can easily download your games from your Steam Library. In addition to a 6″ full HD (1920 x 1080) capacitive touchscreen, the handheld gaming PC can also connect with your HDTV using its HDMI output. Moreover, SMASH Z supports 4K video playback and allows you to make videos for Twitch or make Skype calls. Apart from these, its streaming feature supports streaming games from your PC or PS4 via WiFi. Its attachable rechargeable battery offers more than 5 hours of gameplay, and extra batteries deliver more battery life.

SMASH Z Handhold Gaming PC Lets You Play Steam Games

Price and Shipment

The crowdfunding campaign for SMASH Z is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge €249 (approx US$273) to preorder the handheld gaming PC. it will be shipped in April 2017.

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