SmartyPans Smart Pan Tailors Your Cooking

With its built-in sensors, SmartyPans smart pan tailors your cooking by measuring weight and temperature of ingredients, and connected smartphone shows you nutrition in real time. Cool? Let’s keep going.

SmartyPans Smart Pan

The SmartyPans is an advanced and innovative app-enabled smart pan designed to document your recipes and tracks your nutrition as you cook. As we can see from the images, the smart cooking pan shows off a simple and sleek look, and its two Bakelite handles allow you to conveniently hold the pan for cooking. Moreover, the cooking pan is made of die-cast aluminum of durability and it comes with ceramic non-stick coating that is better than PTFE coatings.

SmartyPans Smart Pan

As a smart pan, SmartyPans features two built-in sensors including weight sensor and temperature sensor, so when you prepare ingredients for your cooking, the pan serves as a kitchen scale to measure the weight of the ingredients. When cooking, you can easily know the accurate temperature in the pan in order to bring your cooking to s new level.

SmartyPans Smart Pan

Moreover, built-in Bluetooth technology allows SmartyPans to wirelessly connect with your tablet or smartphone, and its custom companion app computes nutrition in real time and shows you all measurement and calculation data. In addition, a rechargeable AA battery offers approx 751 hours of usage on a single charge.

SmartyPans has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $169 to preorder the smart cooking pan. It will be shipped in August this year.

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