Smartduvet Breeze Dual-Zone Climate Controlled Self-Making Bed

Smartduvet Breeze works your existing bed and easily turns it into a dual-zone climate controlled self-making bed. Cool? Let’s take a look.

Smartduvet Breeze Dual-Zone Climate Controlled Self-Making Bed

Strictly speaking, Smartduvet Breeze is a smart duvet kit that’s compatible with your existing bed and bedding. The kit consists of four parts including a Smartduvet layer, control box, connector and smart attach system. The smartduvet layer can be easily put in your duvet cover, and its smart attach system keeps your duvet in position. Meanwhile, the control box silently stays under the bed as the core of the smartduvet.

By using silent air blowers the control box makes the bed in the morning. The smartduvet layer also features two dedicatedly designed layers. The making bed layer makes the first feature become reality, and another layer is designed to send the conditional air to the desired side of the bed from the control box in order to set different temperatures individually for each side of your bed.

The smart duvet also wirelessly connects with your smartphone. Using its custom app you can easily set desired temperature for each side of your bed. In addition, five size options allows it to perfectly work with any size bed and duvet.

The team of Breeze has successfully raised ample fund for the product on Indiegogo. You can still pledge $199 to preorder the smartduvet kit. It would be shipped in September 2017.

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