Smartbe Intelligent Self-Propelled Baby Stroller Keeps Your Baby with You During Jogging or Walking

With Smartbe intelligent self-propelled baby stroller, you will never have to leave your baby at home during jogging or walking because your baby will always safely follow your steps.

Smartbe Intelligent Self-Propelled Baby Stroller

The Smartbe is an intelligent, app-enabled and self-propelled baby stroller. As we can see from the images, the smart stroller shows off a sleek and modern appearance, and its bassinet and seat can be customized, which delivers you more personalized design.

The smart baby stroller features a built-in electric engine that provides you three modes: self-propelled mode, assist propelled mode and manual mode. In self-propelled mode, its engine will push the stroller forward, even uphill, whilst its built-in sensors keep Smartbe within a safe distance with you and make it easy to reach during jogging or walking. Its assist propelled mode allows you to effortlessly push the stroller, going for a walk.

Smartbe Intelligent Self-Propelled Baby Stroller

Moreover, its clamitized, temperature-controlled bassinet keeps your baby comfortably, and retractable canopies protect against the cold and rain, the sun and inserts. Meanwhile, cushion safety belt and wrist strap ensures your baby’s safety in the stroller, and adjustable positions are perfect for child comfort.

Smartbe Intelligent Self-Propelled Baby Stroller

In addition, the smart stroller also features built-in bottle warmer, rocker and Bluetooth speaker which make your Smartbe serve as a mobile nursery. Light signals and anti-theft sensor offer enhanced safety. Apart from that, integrated cameras allow you to use Smartbe app to monitor your baby, and you can use your smartphone or its control panel to control all its functions.

Smartbe Intelligent Self-Propelled Baby Stroller Smartbe Intelligent Self-Propelled Baby Stroller

The Smartbe has been available for preorder via Indiegogo. You can pledge $399 to preorder the smart baby stroller. It will be shipped in December this year.

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