ShiftCam Multi-Lens iPhone 11 Case with Up to 5 Lenses

With integrated lenses ShiftCam multi-lens iPhone 11 case maximizes your creativity when you raise your new iPhone for shooting. Need more detailed info about it? Let’s keep checking.ShiftCam Multi-Lens iPhone 11 Case with Up to 5 Lenses

The multi-lens case is designed for new iPhones, with three variants, it works with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. As shown in the images, the iPhone 11 case delivers a slim and smooth form factor, so you won’t feel uncomfortable when it stays in your pocket. The solid black matte finished exterior and rounded sides let you comfortably and firmly keep it in your hand.ShiftCam Multi-Lens iPhone 11 Case with Up to 5 Lenses

The iPhone 11 case features a powerful and versatile lens system that consists of 3 or 5 integrated lenses (for 11 Pro Max) including fisheye lens, 10x macro lens, circular polarized lens, 20x macro lens and 4x telephoto lens. Using the five lenses, the case allows you to capture more amazing photos and videos with your new phone, and the rails on the back lets you easily switch lenses with your thumb, so you won’t miss any great moment you want to capture.ShiftCam Multi-Lens iPhone 11 Case with Up to 5 Lenses

Moreover, its mil-spec drop-proof injection mold design ensures it protects your phone from shocks and scratches, and the five lenses are also protected by an integrated cover when not in use.

The crowdfunding campaign for ShiftCam Multi-Lens Case is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $64 to preorder the iPhone 11 lens case. It will be shipped in December 2019.

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