Serpent-C and -W Electric Skateboards for Urban Transportation

Using two different designs Serpent-C and -W electric skateboards are designed for convenient urban transportation based on different demands. Sounds cool? Let’s keep checking.

Serpent-C and -W Electric Skateboards

The Serpent is a well-designed and practical portable electric skateboard series that contains two models including Serpent-C and Serpent-W. The Serpent-C measures 18.03 x 6.37 inches and weighs 6.39 lbs. As we can see from the images, the eSkateboard sports an ultra portable and lightweight design, so you can take it with you anywhere with ease. Meanwhile, its deck is made of bamboo composite material and Canadian maple for a durable and sturdy construction.

The Serpent-C comes equipped with a 300W in-wheel motor and 24V 2.9Ah rechargeable battery in order to offer a top speed of 11.18 mile/h, up to 6.21 mile riding range, and 17.6% hill grade climbing(10 degrees).

Serpent-C Electric Skateboard

The Serpent-W is a higher performance electric skateboard that measures 40.74 x 10.82 inches. The eSkateboard features a rear-mounted dual drive brushless motor with 1800W peak output and it has a 36V 4.4Ah battery pack, so it offers a top speed of 24.86 mile/h (40km/h) and can go for 9.32 miles (15km). The Serpent-W is also powerful enough to challenge 15-20-degree hills, and Serpent-W’s deck is made out of aluminum alloy, which can support up to 120kg.

Serpent-W Electric Skateboard

Furthermore, the two electric skateboards also feature a 2.4G remote control that provides you a simple and stable control experience. Their replaceable 91A PU wheels let you ride your Serpent for thousands of miles. In addition, the motor of Serpent is IP54 waterproof, which means the eSkateboards can stay by your side through sunny or rainy days.

The team of Serpent has successfully raised enough fund for the eSkateboard series on Kickstarter, but we still can pledge $179/$499 to preorder the Serpent-C or Serpent-W electric skateboard. Both models are expected to be shipped in October 2017.

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