Scooterson Rolley+ Smart Electric Scooter with AI

Using built-in sensors and AI technology, Scooterson Rolley+ smart electric scooter automatically adjusts acceleration level and tune based on your motion and your route for the optimal riding experience. Let’s keep checking if you want to learn more about the smart eScooter.Scooterson Rolley+ Smart Electric Scooter with AI

The Rolley Plus measures 27.55 inches wide by 64.77 inches long by 40.49 inches high and weighs 68 lbs. As shown in the images, the electric scooter delivers a minimalistic, streamlined appearance design to complement to your urban lifestyle, and multiple optional colors ensure it matches well different personal preferences.

Meanwhile, the carbon-reinforced polymer body, aerospace-grade alloy parts and 3D bent aluminum alloy chassis ensure it delivers long-lasting durability. The custom golf buggy tires on Rolley not only have superior handling, but also just deliver half the weight of regular golf buggy tires.Scooterson Rolley+ Smart Electric Scooter with AI

The Rolley+ smart electric scooter comes equipped with 750W hub motor and 750Wh rechargeable battery to offer a top speed of 20mph and 30mi travel range on a single charge, and the battery is swappable to extend the travel distance.

Furthermore, the smart electric scooter uses motion detection, predictive routing algorithms and A.I. to learn how you ride. The Rolley+ automatically adjusts acceleration and tune according to your route and motion when working in smart mode.Scooterson Rolley+ Smart Electric Scooter with AI

Using an integrated phone holder on the handlebar and Bluetooth connectivity, your phone acts as its dashboard that shows you real-time riding info and allows you to adjust the settings of your eScooter and unlock it with your face or touch ID.

Its sentry mode can automatically be triggered when you hop off your Rolley Plus. Once someone tampers with it, you will get alerts on your phone. Using “Find My Scooter” and GPS tracking, you can also easily locate your Rolley+ on your phone. You can even make money by lending your scooter to others.

The crowdfunding campaign for Rolley+ is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $2390 to preorder the smart electric scooter ($2090 for Rolley with lack of many smart features). Both versions will be shipped in May 2022.

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