RIVER Bank Modular Portable Power Station

With a unique stackable design RIVER Bank modular portable power station can charge various mobile devices wherever you’re. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

RIVER Bank Modular Portable Power Station

RIVER Bank is a powerful and versatile charging station that consists of one base and two stackable modules. The main base measures 3.45 x 5.28 x 1.02 inches and weighs 2.0 lbs, and other two modules have a similar size with the base. As we can see from the images, the modular power station shows off a elegant and stylish appearance design defined by the metallic finish, smooth contours and minimal detailing. Meanwhile, the compact profile allows you to easily take it with you for various outdoor activities.

RIVER Bank Modular Portable Power Station

The RIVER Bank base comes equipped with 25600mAh rechargeable battery pack. Using integrated Qi wireless charging pad, two USB-C ports and two USB ports, it’s capable of charging numerous mobile devices, and it supports 10W quick charge. The AC module features extra 25600mAh battery capacity. When attached onto the base, the power station delivers 51,200mAh capacity, and the module has a USB-C port and an AC outlet with 100W output to charge or power more devices.

RIVER Bank Modular Portable Power Station

Moreover, the car module comes with 4000mAh battery pack. Using a car jump starter port, it perfectly works with your car when needed, and it has an extra USB-C port. An LED display has been built in the base, which shows you the status of the modular power station. In addition, it can be recharged using solar panel, car or wall outlet.

The team behind RIVER Bank has raised enough fund for the product on Indiegogo, but we can still pledge $390 to preorder the modular portable power station, but there is no detailed shipping date on the page.

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