Revols Bluetooth Earbuds Boast Tips that Perfectly Fit in Your Ears

Many earbuds comes with three pairs of buds to fit different ear sizes, however, Revols Bluetooth earbuds just give you two sizes of tips, but using its unique materials, each pair of tips can perfectly fit in your ears.

Revols Bluetooth Earbuds with Gel-Filled Molding Tips

The Revols is an innovative and premium pair of Bluetooth-enabled wireless in-ear headphones. As we can see from the images, the Bluetooth headphones features a sleek and elegant design, and multiple optional sports silicone skins in various colors not only protect your earphones, but also add your favorite color to your Revols.

Revols Bluetooth Earbuds with Gel-Filled Molding Tips

The Bluetooth earbuds show off proprietary shaped silicone gel-filled molding tips. All you need to do for a perfect fit is wear the earbuds and activate the molding process via the custom app on your smartphone which has been paired with your Revols. In just 60 seconds, the tips will transform from their initial gel-like state to their permanently hardened, customized shape in order to perfectly match every user’s ears.

Moreover, Revols has been coordinating with Onkyo, a famous Japanese corporation known for over 70 years of experience in high-end audio technology in order that the wireless in-ear headphones deliver you a high-end listening experience. Furthermore, built-in rechargeable battery offers you 8 hours of playback, but using a uniquely design backup battery that can be attached to the cord, you can extend the battery life to 14 hours.

Revols Bluetooth Earbuds with Gel-Filled Molding Tips

In addition, durable housing and extra silicone skins protect the earbuds from scratches, sweat and water, so you can freely use it to enjoy your favorite music during your workout, and custom app with equalizer allows you to tailor your audio playback. And in-line remote control and built-in microphone let you control music playback, adjust volume and answer handsfree calls.

Revols Bluetooth Earbuds with Gel-Filled Molding Tips

The crowdfunding campaign of Revols is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $199 to preorder the Bluetooth earbuds and included accessories including two pairs of tips, charging cable, two pairs of sports skins, a backup battery pack, and carrying case. The earphones will be shipped in July 2016. BTW, also don’t miss more related cool stuff by following tags.

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