Revolights Eclipse+ is a Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Bike Lighting System

With its unique 360-degree design, Revolights Eclipse+ provides you a legal headlight, smart brake light and pretty cool side light, which ensure you securely ride at night. Like the idea? Let’s keep going for the Bluetooth-enabled smart bike lighting system.

Revolights Eclipse+ Smart Bike Lighting System

The Revolights Eclipse+ is an advanced and multiple functional smart bike light system that works with 27″ and 29″ wheels. As we can see from the images, the bike light system include two main rings that can be easily attached to the wheels of your bicycle, and delivering you a low-profile design, and its snap-in rechargeable battery eliminates annoying cable for a smoother design and easy access.

Each ring of Eclipse plus features 24 LED lights, and 8 of the lights are lit up at any given, and each LED is rated at over 35 lumens. When you ride, the LED lights form two glowing arcs in order to light the road ahead and keep you highly visible at night for safe ride.

Revolights Eclipse+ Smart Bike Lighting System

Moreover, as a smart bike light system, Eclipse+ is capable to track your riding distance and miles per hour and show you all tracking data via your smartphone. Furthermore, using the app, you can remotely turn on/ off the lights via your smartphone, and by sensing the time of day, the bike lights can automatically turn on at night.

Furthermore, using the app or gesture recognition with a supports smartwatch such Apple Watch, the rear light is able to indicate the direction on the respective side through blinking full circle. Apart from that, the removable rechargeable batteries offer 4 hours oh battery life between charges.

The Revolights Eclipse+ has been available for preorder via Indiegogo. Pledging $209 will let you own the smart bike light system. It will be shipped in June next year. BTW, also don’t forget SmartHalo smart biking device and more cool stuff by following tags.

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