Retro Game Stop Motion Video Created with Milk Bottle Tops and LEGO

Space Invaders, Super Mario, Pacman, apparently they are the famous characters from the classical retro video games. So only the 8-bit image effect can reflect the spirits of them such as the following great retro game stop motion animation video.

Retro Game Stop-Motion Video Created with Milk Bottle Tops and LEGO

The stop motion animation is designed and made by Matt Marchant. The whole video utilizes about 300 milk bottle top as the motive pixels, and 800 pieces of LEGO bricks as the fixed scene. In the stop motion video, you can see many classical scenes from some arcade games and video games such as Breakout, Pong, Pacman, Super Mario Bros and Space Invaders. After the break, check out the stop-motion video themed by retro games.

Retro Game Stop-Motion Video Created by Milk Bottle Tops Source

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