Reevo Electric Bike with Hubless Wheels

With hubless wheels and streamline design, Reevo electric bike looks coming from a sci-fi movie. Let’s keep checking if you want to be the focus on the street.Reevo Electric Bike with Hubless Wheels

The Reevo is a pretty cool and high-performance hubless electric bike that is available in two sizes, one fits for 5’2″-5’9″ riders, and another model fits 5’9″-6’3″. As shown in the images, the eBike delivers a futuristic hubless design, and with the streamline contours and solid black exterior, I doubt it would be born in Batman’s basement.

The hubless electric bike comes equipped with a 750W motor (250W motor for EU model) and 48V 10.5Ah rechargeable battery to offer speeds up to 25mph (25km/h for EU model) and up to 37 mile travel distance between charges.Reevo Electric Bike with Hubless Wheels

Furthermore, the eBike features adaptive pedal assist that detects road gradient and pedaling parameters to provide tailored assistance. The hubless wheels can handle up to 265 lbs, and triple-sealed design allows them to provide long-term reliability.

With integrated LED headlights and brake & signal lights on the wheels, the Reevo keeps you safe at night, and a built-in ambient light sensor detects darkness and automatically turns on and off the headlights and tail light. And the wheels provide saddle storage to secure a weather-resistant sling bag that will not rotate with the wheels.

With an integrated fingerprint scanner, you can unlock your Reevo with your fingerprint, and an advanced wheel locking mechanism has been built in the frame for enhanced security. Built-in GPS module allows you to track and locate your Reevo with your phone.

The crowdfunding campaign for Reevo is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $1,999 to preorder the hubless electric bike. It will be shipped in March 2021.

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