Raybaby Non-contact Health and Sleep Monitor for Baby

Raybaby, the non-contact heath and sleep monitor is designed to track your baby’s sleep habits and breathing rate, and its custom app keeps you alerted when it detects any warning sign. Like the features? Let’s continue checking.

Raybaby Non-contact Health and Sleep Monitor

Appearance design

The Raybaby is an advanced and well-designed app-enabled health and sleep tracker designed for babies. As we can see from the images, the health tracker looks like a cute and minimal bust, and three bright color options add more vivid and personalized aesthetics to the tracker.

Meanwhile, its wooden casing delivers an eco-friendly and durable construction. Using its rounded base and portable form factor, you can easily place your Raybaby on a surface that’s close to your baby’s crib, and optional screw mechanism also allows you to mount it on the wall.

Raybaby Non-contact Health and Sleep Monitor

Functional features

The health and sleep monitor comes equipped with a built-in sensor that’s able to detect the tiniest chest movement plus integrated speakers and microphone in order to track your baby’s breathing rate and sleep status.

All tracking data will be synced to your smartphone via built-in WiFi connectivity so its custom app intuitively shows you how much your baby has slept and how much he/she needs to sleep. When your baby wakes up or rolls over, you will receive alerts. Its sleep recommendation system helps you enhance your baby’s sleep.

Raybaby Non-contact Health and Sleep Monitor

Furthermore, the Raybaby monitors your baby’s respiratory rate even minute variations caused by respiratory illnesses like Bronchitis and Asthma. Using a technology that works on the principles of ultrasound, it also has the ability to know when your baby is running a fever.

Moreover, Raybaby also features a built-in video camera that not only provides real-time video streaming, but also build collages of your baby’s growth and milestones. Built-in WiFi connectivity, speakers and microphone allow you to stay contact with your baby wherever you’re.

Price and shipment date

The crowdfunding campaign for Raybaby is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $99 to own the health & sleep tracker. It will be shipped in September this year.

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