Public Radio A Single Station FM Radio

You can use your smartphone to listen to all kind of radio stations, but if you look upon radio as a part of your lifestyle or are just faithful to someone station, Public Radio, a single station FM radio may catch your eyes.
Public Radio A Single Station FM Radio

The Public Radio is a unique single station pre-tuned FM radio. The designers have removed all the parts of FM radio that are obsolete, just leaving those most important parts. The heart of the FM radio is a Silicon Labs Si4831 FM IC, and the output is passed through a Texas Instruments TPA2005D1 class D amplifier that drives a 4ohm 1.25″ speaker plus sturdy FR-4 printed circuit board, switched audio taper potentiometer and a seven segment telescoping antenna in order to deliver clear and loud sound, moreover, the FM radio also features a 250ml Mason square ball jar as its casing, and you can replace it with any wide-mouth jar. Of course, don’t forget to tell them your station’s frequency and call letters for your one-of-a-kind FM radio.
Public Radio A Single Station FM Radio

The team of Public Radio is raising fund at Kickstarter. Pledging $48 will let you own the singe station FM radio. If you’re interested, jump to Kickstarter official site for more details or check out the following demo video first.

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