ProntoBev Beverage Chiller Chills Your Beverages in 30 Seconds

Forget to put beverages in your fridge? Don’t worry, ProntoBev beverage chiller can chill your beverages in 30 seconds. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

ProntoBev Beverage Chiller

The ProntoBev is a highly efficient cooler that measures 11 x 11 x 2.5 inches. As we can see from the images, the beverage chiller features a portable and low-profile appearance design. It looks a bit like a fuel flask, but it has a more compact form factor that allows to easily stay in your fridge. Meanwhile, a seamlessly integrated handle ensures it’s easy to be moved.

Similar with the stainless steel ice cubes, the interior of ProntoBev is made out of wine-grade stainless steel, and the interior is filled with proprietary ProntoGel. Using the material the beverage chiller has the ability to chill your beverage by a 20 degree Fahrenheit difference in 30 seconds.

ProntoBev Beverage Chiller

Furthermore, the cooler can hold 750ml of liquid, so it’s able to chill a whole bottle of wine. During the chilling process you don’t have to add any ice to your beverage, and the interior uses the same material used in winemaking process so you will never worry about it affecting the taste or quality of your beverage.

ProntoAer Portable Beverage Chiller

Moreover, the chiller has a built-in thermometer, and an integrated LED display shows you the temperature of your beverage. In addition to ProntoBev, here is another portable wine aerator named ProntoAer, which is suitable to infuse your wine with oxygen.

The team behind ProntoBev is raising fund for the two coolers via Indiegogo. We can pledge $99 to preorder both ProntoBev and ProntoAer. The bundle are expected to be shipped in March 2018.

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