Prime Apple Watch Band Boasts Exchangeable Backup Battery and Fashionable Design

Using its exchangeable backup battery, Prime Apple Watch band doubles the battery life of your smartwatch, and premium materials add more fashion and luxurious feeling to your wrist.

Prime Apple Watch Band with Exchangeable Backup Battery

The Prime is an innovative and stylish Apple Watch strap that comes in two sizes for 35mm and 42mm Apple Watch models. As we can see from the images, the watch band also features two different models based on different materials including Meteorite Silver made with stainless steel, and Obsidian Black made of aluminum alloy. Both models deliver fashionable and premium look, but Obsidian’s matte black coating emits low-profile and calm style, whist the silver band shows off its eye-catching, glossy exterior.

Prime Apple Watch Band with Exchangeable Backup Battery

More importantly, Prime Apple Watch band features patent-registered electric circuit that connects with the 6-pin port of your Apple Watch, so it’s able to change your smartwatch using its interchangeable 150mAh backup batteries when you’re on move, and the two batteries can add extra-18 hour usage.

Prime Apple Watch Band with Exchangeable Backup Battery

Moreover, the Prime also comes with a multi-functional battery holder that not only holds and charges your two Prime batteries, but also works as a power bank offering emergent energy to your smartphone via its integrated miniUSB and Lightning connectors.

Prime Apple Watch Band with Exchangeable Backup Battery

The crowdfunding campaign for Prime is in progress via Kickstarter. You can pledge $199 to preorder an Obsidian Apple Watch band ($299 for Meteorite version). Both models will be shipped in July 2016 if reaching $30,000 goal. BTW, also don’t miss Apple Watch link bracelet band and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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