Pretty Cute Handmade Minions Amigurumi Dolls

The minions report for duty. Want to hire them to add fun in your showcase or on the desk? Let’s go on checking the pretty cute handmade minions amigurumi dolls.

Pretty Cute Handmade Minions Amigurumi Dolls

As shown in the images, these are two completed minion amigurumi dolls handmade by Aradiya, a crafter from Ukraine. Each one sports exquisite details and gorgeous colors from their originated designs. The one-eye minion measures 11cm height, while another is 13.5cm tall, and both minions are able to stand upright in order to show their hilarious smiles and capsule-like bodies. The two minion amigurumi dolls are priced at $59.99 and $69.99 USD respectively. Of course, if you know how to crochet, you can also purchase the two crochet patterns of the minions amigurumi dolls. Each pattern costs $2.99 USD. Like them? Jump to Etsy for full description. Additionally, also don’t miss her Adventure Time crochet patterns.

Pretty Cute Handmade Minions Amigurumi Dolls

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