Polly Solar-Powered Cleaning Mop with UV Light

With integrated UV light, Polly solar-powered cleaning mop cleans and sterilizes your floors and carpets. Let’s keep checking if you like the idea.Polly Solar-Powered Cleaning Mop with UV Light

The Polly is a flexible and easy-to-use cleaning mop that weighs 4kg. With a long handle made of recycle aluminum, it supports comfortable single hand usage, and the 360-degree rotatable plexiglass head allows to reach out to every corner of your room.

The mop features UV light to kill al lkinds of germs and nanoparticles on the floors and carpet, and a self cleaning option keeps itself clean. Furthermore, the cleaning surface of the mop features a 4-layer structure mix of nylon, cotton and polyester to fit all types of surfaces, and it’s washable and replaceable with 6 month full usage warranty.Polly Solar-Powered Cleaning Mop with UV Light

Moreover, the cleaning mop has a 1L container to clean large surfaces with no water waste, and the trigger on the end of the handle allows you to easily squeeze out the water in the cleaning mop. In addition, the cleaning mop comes equipped with a solar panel to provide 6 hours of full cleaning with a 2-hour solar charging.

The crowdfunding campaign for Polly is ongoing on Indiegogo. We can pledge $139 to preorder the solar-powered cleaning mop with UV light. It will be shipped in April 2021.

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