PLUS 3D Action Camera with LED Lighting

Using action camera we can record every wonderful moment during any outdoor activity, but the PLUS 3D action camera with LED lighting will be a more ideal solution if you want to get a more real sense during reviewing your videos.

PLUS 3D Action Camera with LED Lights

Designer and appearance design

Jeongdae Kim, a German industrial designer came up with the versatile 3D action camera named PLUS. As we can see from the images, the concept camera shows off a unique cross-shaped appearance, and it consists of two modular parts including 3D action camera and LED light unit. Each port features an elegant and smooth outline, and both casings are made from polycarbonate and anodized aluminum for a lightweight and durable construction.

PLUS 3D Action Camera with LED Lights

Meanwhile, the PLUS features an ultra compact design. Using multiple mounting tools, you can easily attach the mini camera on your bicycle, helmet, flying drone and more. The 3D action camera is also dust-, shock- and waterproof in order that you can record awesome 3D videos in various weather conditions.

PLUS 3D Action Camera with LED Lights

Function features

The 3D camera comes equipped with two lenses. The right and left are separately recorded and saved, and using its dedicatedly designed application, you can easily convert them into 3D videos. Furthermore, integrated stabilization system with the balanced optical steady technology reduces shake during video recording, and it’s has the ability to record up to 3 hours of full HD video. Moreover, an integrated LCD screen delivers real-time preview during recoding.

PLUS 3D Action Camera with LED Lights

Moreover, using 4 neodymium magnets, the 3D camera and its LED light units sit securely onto each other. When mounted it on handlebar of your bicycle, the LED lighting works as a headlight or taillight. Using four high-density LEDs, the front light and rear light deliver 250-lumen and 70-lumen brightness respectively, so it keeps you highly visible at night for safe ride.

PLUS 3D Action Camera with LED Lights PLUS 3D Action Camera with LED Lights


It’s a little pity that the PLUS 3D action camera is still a design concept. If you have a GoPro, you can also check the 3D camera lens that allows your GoPro to capture 3D videos.

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