Plume Pods Help You Form a Self-Optimizing WiFi Network

Forget your WiFi router and extenders. Using multiple Plume Pods, you can get a self-optimizing WiFi network, and its companion app allows you to fully control your network with ease.

Plume Pods Give You a Self-Optimizing WiFi Network

Appearance design

The Plume Pod is an innovative and intelligent WiFi extender that measures 2.5 x 2.3 x 1.3 inches and weighs 3.17 ounces. As we can see from the images, each pod shows off an ultra compact appearance along with minimal geometric aesthetics, and three optional colors allow it to blend well with various interior decoration styles. Meanwhile, integrated Plug allows it to fit in any wall outlet, and it’s small enough to not obstruct the neighboring plug space.

Plume Pods Give You a Self-Optimizing WiFi Network

Function features

You can choose three or more Pods to form your home WiFi network based on the number of rooms in your house. Unlike traditional WiFi extenders using the same backhaul channel, the Plume Pods can use a different channel or band for data transmission, so you can get a reliable and fast WiFi connection no matter which room you’re in.

Furthermore, by optimizing the flow of data, the Plume maximizes your WiFi performance based on different types of traffic. Using its custom app, you can check the status of every pod in your WiFi system, manage your devices and guest access and more.

Price and availability

a Plume Pod 6-pack will set you back $329 USD, three Pods cost $179 USD, and one Pod is priced at $69 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Plume official site for its more details.

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