Pigzbe App-Enabled Piggy Wallet

Pigzbe app-enabled piggy wallet is designed to help kids learn how to earn, save and budget in digital era. Sounds cool? Let’s continue checking.

Pigzbe App-Enabled Piggy Wallet

The Pigzbe is an innovative app-enabled “piggy bank” that stores digital cash instead of any coin or paper money. The piggy wallet measures 100 x 60 x 12.5mm. As we can see from the images, it shows off a compact and slim form factor with round corners, and the pink exterior ensures it can draw every kid’s attention. Meanwhile, an included wrist strip ensures your little one more firmly hold it in the hands.

Pigzbe App-Enabled Piggy Wallet

Using Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi connectivity, the digital wallet wirelessly communicates with your kid’s tablet and your smartphone, so you can use its parent app to set allowance, create tasks to earn money, reward milestones and invite others to join the family network.

The Pigzbe kids app is an interactive game that allows children to feed their money tree, watch it grow and learn new skills. And it shows them the how much they have and helps them decide what to spend and what to save. Furthermore, the Pigzbe features a 24×8 LED matrix display. When your child receive reward called Wollo everytime, the display shows her/him a cute piggy-style facial expression.

Moreover, the Wollo is cryptocurrency designed specifically to send money globally, quickly and cost-effectively (it costs $0.000001 to send as little as $0.005). And kids can also spend Wollo in the real world using a Visa card offered by parents (in selected locations, for an additional fee). Every Pigzbe purchase comes with 200 Wollo for parents to distribute, which is enough to fund 10,000 tasks. When running out of it, you can also buy more Wollo online.

The team behind Pigzbe is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. Pledging $79 will let you own the digital piggy wallet. It will be shipped in June 2019.

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